30 November 2010

Nostromo - Alien

One of my favourite charity shop finds is this 1979 12" disco re-working of Jerry Goldsmith's theme from Alien. It brings back happy memories of reading the paperback, poring over the colour movie stills in the middle, long before I was old enough to actually be allowed to watch the film itself. The B-side is pretty groovy too, the sort of tune that would play well on the jukebox in any seedy space ranger's bar. 


16 September 2010

BBC Snooker Themes

Four smashing themes courtesy of the pub game that annoyed regular viewers of BBC 2 more than any other. Except for the darts. Or crown green bowling. Or pro/celebrity newt racing.

It's also worth noting that this may be the only record ever made where Winifred Atwell and Vangelis share the B side. Mind you I wouldn't like to put money on it.


Ken Freeman - Theme from The Tripods

Classic mid-80's synth 7" by Ken Freeman. Infamously the show never got past 2 seasons because, unlike this lovely sleeve here, there just weren't enough Tripods on display each week. That's how I remember it anyway...


The Body In Question

Wonderful haunting sounds by Peter Howell from the 1978 documentary series, written and presented by Jonathan Miller.