24 February 2012

Ask The Family

Jim Jupp of The Belbury Parish Magazine brings you Radio Belbury Programme No. 8 to coincide with the  release of a new Belbury Poly long player, "The Belbury Tales" on the Ghost Box label.

The Double 'B'-Side

I've been after a copy of this particular 7" for well over a decade. Now the long search is finally over and perhaps thanks to a listing typo, it wasn't expensive either. So enjoy with me won't you, the depressive synth-pop stylings of Marvin the Paraniod (sic) Android, as he performs the Big-Bang Burger Chef jukebox favourite "Reasons To be Miserable" and the haunting "Marvin I Love You". You can find Marvin's first single over here.

21 February 2012

The Resistance Of Mrs Brown

Playing on the Big British Castle Radio 4 15 Minute Drama slot this week looks to be a brand new proper ripping yarn. It's all about a tea lady working in the Nazi Administration after the Allied forces are defeated at Dunkirk in '44. Contacted by The Resistance, Mrs Brown is given a task - and she will have one week to complete it. Well worth catching if you can.

5 February 2012

2 February 2012

Practical Electronica Without Tears

For more about F.C. Judd, head here (for your eyes) and here (for your ears). Essential if you have a penchant for all things Radiophonic.