26 September 2012

More Fog Signals

Recommended listening: The Outer Church currently hosts Robin The Fog's rather lovely Foggy Nightshift Mix “to be enjoyed at some point between midnight and 6am" complete with track commentary. The Ghosts Of Bush limited edition vinyl has now sold out, but you can still find the digital version on good ol' Bandcamp.

13 September 2012

The New Radiophonic Workshop

Fantastic news! It appears that The BBC Radiophonic Workshop is back from the dead in a new virtual guise. Can't wait to see what they create. Find out more for yourself by following/getting on the mailing list and so forth:

The Space (click on the "Listen To The Space" link at the top of the page)

I found out all about these developments thanks to this post on Robin The Fog's blog. Whilst you're there, be sure to investigate his The Ghosts Of Bush project, a beautifully atmospheric piece of radiophonics which puts me in mind of Delia Derbyshire's Dreams -  inventions for radio.

10 September 2012

Apocalypse War

Judge Dredd - The Original Adventures: Apocalypse War (1995). The follow up to The Day The Law Died as featured on the Mark Goodier show at the time. This adaptation also includes elements from another classic tale, Block Mania a prologue to Apocalypse War. Once again Maggs fills your ears with wall-to-wall sonic adventure in a way and at a pace no other radio producer seems capable of. The file quality is not as good here I'm afraid - unlike the previous post it's not my rip - but still quite listenable. Get yourself a plate of "delicious" munce, sit back and enjoy... the audio adventure that is, you probably wouldn't enjoy the munce.

All credit to the original uploader: dl

Back To School

5 September 2012

The Day The Law Died

Judge Dredd - The Original Adventures: The Day The Law Died (1995). Another sumptuous OTT audio movie production from Dirk Maggs. Read all about the production of both series one and two here.

dl1 & dl2

3 September 2012

Age of Steampunk

This week's listening recommendations are once again twofold:

An Herr Döktor original, earlier.

"If you've ever encountered a person with flying goggles, clad in tweeds and clutching a mahogany laptop or brass smartphone on a chain, what's the explanation? Phill Jupitus steps into an era where the 19th and 21st centuries charmingly collide, to investigate the time travelling cult known as Steampunk.
Travelling back to the steam-powered future, Phill discovers a cast of modern characters - engineers, scientists, writers, artists and inventors - taking their inspiration from the Victorian and Edwardian arts and sciences, and from the fiction of H.G. Wells.
"It's still the early twenty-first century. The Victorian world, the Edwardian world carried on", explains Ian Crichton aka Herr Doktor amongst an array of fantastical homemade devices: digital camera modified with rivets, brass-etched ray gun, steam pistol and a space helmet like that worn by Lionel Jeffries in The First Men on The Moon. "We've got steam-powered cars on the streets. We've got huge dirigibles flying to Japan".
Steampunk speculates on an imaginary overlap between the 19th century and the present day. Phill investigates at a Steampunk convivial, The Houses of Parliament, on an x-ray ward, at a punk gig and in a shed in suburban Surrey.
You can catch up with a couple more of Mr Jupitus' exceedingly interesting past radio programmes via this very blog, here and here.

Ever since reading Ellis Peters' Cadfael stories and seeing Sean Connery in Umberto Eco's The Name Of The Rose I've always been rather partial to period crime/mystery tales set in and around monasteries. After all they do seem to make for the perfect setting for a good whodunnit peppered with eccentric characters and plenty of intrigue. The new serial in the 15 Minute Drama slot sounds like it could turn out be something worth sticking with for the next two weeks.

"London, 1537. As he plots to bring down the Abbeys, Thomas Cromwell sends his trusted lawyer-detective, Matthew Shardlake, to investigate the murder of a King's Commissioner in a monastery on the south coast of Kent. Which of the terrified monks is the murderer - and can Shardlake catch him before he strikes again? C J Sansom's bestselling Tudor crime novel, adapted for radio by Colin MacDonald.

2 September 2012

Judge Dredd Pinball

Dateline: 2105
Location: Mega-City 1, Sector 44
Nickname: The Core
Square Miles: 320
Population: 50 Million
Pop. Density: 156,00/Sq. Mile
Law Enforcement: THE JUDGES