16 September 2010

BBC Snooker Themes

Four smashing themes courtesy of the pub game that annoyed regular viewers of BBC 2 more than any other. Except for the darts. Or crown green bowling. Or pro/celebrity newt racing.

It's also worth noting that this may be the only record ever made where Winifred Atwell and Vangelis share the B side. Mind you I wouldn't like to put money on it.


Ken Freeman - Theme from The Tripods

Classic mid-80's synth 7" by Ken Freeman. Infamously the show never got past 2 seasons because, unlike this lovely sleeve here, there just weren't enough Tripods on display each week. That's how I remember it anyway...


The Body In Question

Wonderful haunting sounds by Peter Howell from the 1978 documentary series, written and presented by Jonathan Miller.