2 March 2012

No.54 - Purple Space And White Coronas

Essential Hi Tech Sound Effects (1991) - Actually a re-release of BBC Sound Effects No.29 Hi-Tech FX (1984) with 9 extra tracks demonstrating 'RSS' 3D Stereo Sound aka Q Sound. This is a stereo widening effect, a few digital steps on from the RCA "Stereo Action: The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow" or Quadrophonic recordings from the early '70's. When listening to the demo tracks, channels appear to float around your head from left to right, back to front, (sort of) ultimately giving the impression of I'm not quite sure what - listening whilst riding on a slowly moving fairground attraction maybe?  Megablast by Bomb The Bass is still a winner though.

The best thing about this collection remains hearing the rest of the tracks from the original Hi-Tech FX album in CD quality. Some great retro computer (BBC Micro no doubt) sound effects here, not to mention some of Dick Mills' best work. Each composition is an ambient gem in miniature. Essential is truly the right word for this one.

Sleeve art for the original 1984 release.

Just for DJ Mark Goodier's "I'm listening really hard" face.

PS: Fans of Björk Guðmundsdóttir listening closely might spot the source of that epic opening sting noise from Army Of Me buried inside track 8. At least I'm convinced it's the source. If anyone can prove otherwise I'll eat one of my many hats.