28 May 2011

The Last 20th Century Battleground

Programme from 1999:

The Internet

Love it or loathe it, the Internet is here to stay. Read Douglas Adams's views on the future of the web, including censorship, the global village and trustworthiness in the electronic age.

The Presenter

Douglas Adams, best known for "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" which became a cult phenomenon on BBC Television and Radio, and remains one of the most popular books of the past 20 years.


22 May 2011

The Marvin Depreciation Society

The first Marvin single featuring his delicate vocal stylings on the songs "Marvin" and "Metal Man". I'm still hunting for a decent hard copy of his "double b-side" EDIT: Hunt is over.


18 May 2011

Radiophonic Rock

The Soundhouse - The 1983 25th anniversary lp. Highlights include Paddy Kingsland's cues for the Hitch-hiker's Secondary Phase and some spooky ambient pieces for Radio 4 by Dick Mills.

15 May 2011

Live in 1994

Live in Göttingen contains readings from both "Last Chance to See" and H2G2.


Bonus: Here's a great interview from 1988 promoting “Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul”.

9 May 2011

"Here, you'll need to put this fish in your ear."

The 1979 Original Records adaptation of fits 1-4 featuring new music due to copyright reasons and other edits. Music on the LP is by Tim Souster and The Radiophonic Workshop's Paddy Kingsland, who composed/performed such lovely noises for the second Hitchhiker radio series. The sleeve art was by Hypgnosis, though if you ask me, it's far from their best work. For further details please consult this prototype hitchhiker's guide that some Pogrils have kindly put together in their free time. It does get better if you put a fish in your ear.

 dl_1 dl_2

1 May 2011

Brain the Size of a Planet

It's hard to believe but this month will mark a decade since the untimely passing of Douglas Adams. For the next 42 days stay tuned for fresh rips of out-of-print vinyl and other rare spoken word related in some way (however tenuous) to the great man.