29 April 2012

Keep This Frequency Clear!

Gerry Anderson Presents: Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet On One Record! (1968?)

Q: Can one a single disc of ordinary black vinyl contain so much excitement?

A: Yes, but only just.

If you are of a certain age and remember those UK chart-topping house singles from the late 80's by acts like M|A|R|R|SColdcut and Bomb The Bass, then you will probably spot many vocal samples liberated from this recording. It only adds to the listening pleasure as far as I'm concerned. The score interspersing all the high drama comes, as always, from the late great Barry Gray.

27 April 2012

25 April 2012

Brian Bennett - Voyage 7"

I vaguely remember reading an article one time (in the Idler maybe or the now long defunct Easy Magazine) about the joys of charity shop vinyl digging. It was there I learned the diggers golden rule that you should never pass over anything with a spaceship on the cover. I never have and I've rarely been disappointed with what I took home with me. The album this particular 45 is taken from is the library music classic, Brian Bennett's - Fantasia (Bruton BRI 10), which is actually a re-package of the Voyage album proper with all the tracks given new titles. Well worth tracking down if you can find it. 

In the meantime why not go ahead and programme your Ro-Butler 3000 to mix you that second pan galactic gargle blaster, turn off the artificial gravity and enjoy this exciting, luxurious, if brief trip into discoid funk. You've earned it space cadet.


13 April 2012

Battle Of The Planets

DJ Format (feat.The Simonsound) - Battle of the Planets

6 April 2012

Bedtime Stories

A mix CD I cobbled together back in 2003. It's purpose: to give you a light snack, bathe you, put you to bed  whilst  calming voices from the BBC Records and Tapes back catalogue read you a psychedelic bedtime story as you drift gently beyond the wall of sleep. Do not listen whilst operating heavy machinery. May cause drowsiness.

01. Beastie Boys - Peanut Butter & Jelly
02. Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Little Lord Fauntleroy Mix)
03. Malcolm Clarke - Bath Time
04. Negativland - Over The Hiccups
05. Pizzicato 5 - Cornflakes
06. Eric Thompson - Banana Skin
07. Cibo Matto - Sugarwater
08. Neon Heights - Listen To The Music
09. Aphex Twin - Nannou
10. Johnny Morris - Bubbles The Hippopotamus
11. Richard Thomas - Pienso Que
12. Boards Of Canada - Aquarius
13. Boards Of Canada - The Color Of Fire
14. Eric Thompson - The Moody Concerto
15. Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam
16. Mr Scruff - Ahoy There
17. Mr Scruff - Shanty Town
18. Mr Scruff - Fish
19. Funki Porcini - Tiny Kangaroo Dolphin (From Hell)
20. Funki Porcini - Long Road

4 April 2012

Record Store Day and other stories

Three months in and this year is baring witness to a large and ever growing list of excellent new electronical/hauntological/psychedelical releases, not to mention a handful of welcome radiophonic collections*. Soon Record Store Day will be upon us here in Blighty. Aural treats this year include very limited re-issues for Radiophonic Workshop Dr Who: Sound Effects, and Out Of This World on 180g vinyl. There's also a groovy soundtrack 45 from the 1960's Dalek films in the style of the old Century 21 EP's.

Which leads me on to Vintage Beeb. At long last Auntie has seen the light and begun cleaning up and re-issuing some of the BBC Records And Tapes back catalogue. Amongst the first to be re-released back in February was indeed the aforementioned Dr Who: Sound Effects.

From the beginning I always intended that Ripping Yarns would stick strictly to only sharing rare, deleted and unreleased material. Vintage Beeb has meant that I won't now be sharing as quite much of that old BBC vinyl as I had originally planned. It also means that I've deleted the Dr Who: Sound Effects vinyl rip. When you can easily purchase a brand new, restored and well packaged hard copy for under a fiver, it's hardly seems worth treading on any toes. However, worry ye not listeners, there is always plenty more to share out there.

*Ripping Yarns recommended listening from the year so far (L-R):

Pepe Deluxē - Queen Of The Wave: An Esoteric Pop Opera In Three Parts (Catskills)
F.C. Judd - Electronics Without Tears (Public Information)
Belbury Poly - The Belbury Tales (Ghost Box)
Suzanne Ciani - Lixiviation (Finders Keepers)
David Cain of BBC Radiophonic Workshop - The Seasons (Trunk)
DJ Format (feat. The Simonsound) - Statement Of Intent (Project Blue Book)
Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Volume 3: All Pathways Open (Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Doctor Who: Sound Effects (Vintage Beeb)
Air - Le Voyage Dans la Lune (Virgin)
Daphne Oram - The Oram Tapes Volume One (Young Americans)
DJ Food - The Search Engine (Ninja Tune)
Jon Brooks - Dieter Rams Reconstructions (Cafe Kaput)
Marshall McLuhan - The Medium Is The Massage (Five Day Weekend)