25 April 2012

Brian Bennett - Voyage 7"

I vaguely remember reading an article one time (in the Idler maybe or the now long defunct Easy Magazine) about the joys of charity shop vinyl digging. It was there I learned the diggers golden rule that you should never pass over anything with a spaceship on the cover. I never have and I've rarely been disappointed with what I took home with me. The album this particular 45 is taken from is the library music classic, Brian Bennett's - Fantasia (Bruton BRI 10), which is actually a re-package of the Voyage album proper with all the tracks given new titles. Well worth tracking down if you can find it. 

In the meantime why not go ahead and programme your Ro-Butler 3000 to mix you that second pan galactic gargle blaster, turn off the artificial gravity and enjoy this exciting, luxurious, if brief trip into discoid funk. You've earned it space cadet.



Carol said...

Cool! Thanks!

Mr. Primate said...

No problem, glad you enjoyed it!