22 April 2011

No.19 - Metebelis III Atmosphere

To celebrate its imminent return to our observation screens, here's No.19: Doctor Who Sound Effects. Of all my Radiophonic collection ripped so far I'm afraid this is in the least best condition. I've done the best I can restoration wise, but there are still clicks and pops in places. It's interesting to reflect how menacing and otherworldly the show sounds circa 1978 in comparison to the sonic blandness of the orchestrafillinginallthegapssothatyoucanbarelybreath approach favoured by more recent regenerations.

This album has been re-released and is therefore no longer available for download via this blog.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Too bad they didn't reissue it on REAL vinyl.

Mr. Primate said...

I believe they did actually, a few Record Store Days ago. You can find 'em without too much trouble.

Mr. P

Mr. Primate said...

Just checked Discogs, the reissue was in 2012

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Hmmm, learned something new today, of course it probably wouldn't help someone outside the country like me unless I have enough cash handy.