14 June 2011

"The Road Goes Ever On"

The '78 Ralph Bakshi animated movie was my gateway into Middle Earth but until Peter Jackson blew my mind at the end of 2001 the 1981 BBC radio drama was where it was at for me. The books are quite good too.

Stephen Oliver's music is by turns dark, pastoral and noble, weaving itself in and out the drama perfectly. It should be said however this soundtrack album stands very well on it's own apart from the surrounding dialogue. Compared to the epic film scores the sound here is smaller, but there is more variety, more use of Tolkien's own words as song lyrics. Yet there is still plenty of room for the imagination to fill in the gaps.  Bizarrely enough yes, the Oz Clarke singing on this album is the very same imbiber you might know from off of the telly.



Vinyl Whores said...

LOVE! This post. I have seen this album up on ebay and always been curious. I too was turned on to Tolkien by the Bakshi movie. Love this! Thanks! Check out my Tolkien post in my blog.


Mr. Primate said...

I've still never seen the Rankin Bass Tolkien. I don't think it was ever shown much over here. I have that Hobbit lp though but I have never found the right moment/plucked up the courage to actually listen to it!

Talking Tolkien, have you ever heard the Bo Hansson album "Lord Of The Rings"? It's from '72 and (naturally) quite trippy. Definitely grown on me over the years however.


deodac said...

Hello, Mr.Primate,
and best regards from Madrid.

I too think, like Vinyl Whores that this post is unique in the WEB. I have found, as perhaps you already know, the blog of the person who dissected and restructured the story in a form to be told in 30-minute chunks and writer for half of the episodes, BRIAN SIBLEY, here:


But that isn't the real reason I'm writing you for, but really because I wanted to ask you if you'd consider the idea of ripping this fantastisch jewel in FLAC, either 44.1 or 96KHz, the weightier, the better, for the sake of future generations, and for the sake of me and a very good fiend of mine who's dying to listen to it in that format.

I know it is too much to ask from your already impressive work here, at the blog, and the generosity you constantly display by maintaining this landmark in vinyl ripping, alive and kicking.

But, in case that you'd see that idea likely, know that nor only we'd be grateful, but that I, personally, would try really hard to return the favour thus bestowed.

Thank you again for an unforgettable music & post.

Subscribing this thread and and following the blog from now on.


Mr. Primate said...


I've been thinking about ripping to FLAC for a few old posts. I will make it happen at some point before the the year is out.

deodac said...

Please, see:


PD: Plus, what a Christmassy gift indeed !
While you work on that, and we patiently wait, I suggest you to start thinking if you'd like also ONE, with a big red bow across, from us... ;-)

Take care.