8 October 2011

No.13 - Assorted Creepy Creaks

BBC Sound Effects Vol.13 - Death & Horror. A classic amongst sound effects records.



hooch said...

awesome -thank you very much - i haven't heard this in years!

Is half the album missing? - just i can't find the woman sobbing, thunder etc?

Mr. Primate said...

You're quite right. I've made a boob.

The tracks are all mixed up on my BBC SFX Death & Horror lps. I will try to rectify this when I can find a moment.

Anonymous said...

I am having such a great time with all these radiophonic releases! Can't thank you enough!

Have the missing tracks been re-instated yet?

Mr. Primate said...

Hi thanks for your interest, glad you're enjoying the radiophonic goodness.

As it happens I have only just last week taken delivery of the last of the three horror fx lps and so I now have the full set in both the original vinyl and the CD versions that followed.

They are sitting rather ghoulishly next to my trusty lp player and I'll be re-ripping the trio to the best of my ability over the next few weeks in both FLAC & MP3 and making doubly sure that tall the cues are present and in correct order this time.

Please do subscribe/follow the blog as I'll be posting an update when they are ready. Same goes for the Monkey lp which has kindly been lent to me for the ripping thereof also.