1 November 2012

The James Bond Dossier

Amis, Amis and Bond (2007). Martin Amis explores his father's obsessive interest in James Bond and the writing of Ian Fleming, with fellow Bond enthusiast Charlie Higson.

Forty years ago, Kingsley Amis undertook an unusual project, analysing in detail all of Ian Fleming's James Bond books and compiling a guide to being James Bond for prospective spies, based entirely on Fleming's writing.


Anonymous said...

I purchased both books whenthey first came out.
The dossier is untouched since the,
I did read a little of Colonel Sun
and stuck it away also, they are boxed for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

The link downloaded "You Only Live Twice" which I got (an enjoyed)a day or two ago.

Mr. Primate said...

Thanks, the link should be pointing in the right direction now.

Sage said...

Isn't that the ever employable Burt Kwouk on the cover of Colonel Sun?

Mr. Primate said...

Don't know but I don't think so. I always thought the cover was a painting rather than a photo.