3 March 2011

Denton & Cook - Quiller 7"

Denton & Cook are all about the bongos, bass and synth, with this exceedingly funky sig tune from the 1975 TV spy show starring Michael Jayston. Those keyboards might sound hauntingly familiar from being sampled by The Avalanches all those years ago. Also the B-side's not half bad either in a 'contemporary pop' library-music-playing-over-a-kitchen-radio-in-The-Sweeney type way.

Your Michael Jayston themed music needs still not sated? Time to investigate the playful yet haunting sounds of The Jayston Mix by Moon Wiring Club and then do yourself a favour and put an order in for some MWC albums. Your home radiogram unit will thank you for it in the long run, I assure you.

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