28 March 2011

"The World Shall Hear From Me Again!"

Fu Manchu, as any fule kno, has about as much to do with Asian culture as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Much has been said about Sax Rohmer's rather blatant xenophobia and the persistence of Yellow Peril paranoia in the decades since The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (aka The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu) was first published in 1913. This in the main is not one of those programmes. In Fu Manchu In Edinburgh, Miles Jupp investigates the character's hidden Edinburgh connections. Did the 'Devil Doctor' get his doctorate at Edinburgh University in the 1870's?  If so, what knowledge might he have learned at that time?



Axonite said...

Psst - 'Hear,' not "here."

Mr. Primate said...

Carnt beeleave I hadent notised that beefor. Doh!