1 August 2011

Through A Glass Darkly

Peter Howell's 1978 solo album of original compositions. File under prog suitable for test card transmissions. The title track is a 20 minute electronic fantasy epic right in keeping with Howell's incidental music for Dr Who at the time.

Recommended further listening: H & F Recordings for Howell's psych-folk albums, recorded prior to working with the Beeb. Well worth investigating.



David Myers said...

This is a fantastic album and I can't understand why it's never been reissued. I first heard a couple of these tracks on a Doctor Who tapezine that David Howe did in the early 80's
Thankyou for this high quality rip
Sorry to sound cheeky but have you got the remixed version of The Astronauts that was on the B side of the Doctor Who theme music single, it was shorter but had a drum beat added to it, I would love to hear that again.
Thank you again for making these old recordings available again

Mr. Primate said...

You're welcome! I had not realised that the single version of The Astronauts was different. I think I might own a copy but my archive is boxed up just now. If not I'll find a copy and rip it. Eventually. I'm in the process of moving and building a new den/lab/man cave so it may be a while I'm afraid. This blog is not dead btw, only sleeping. A bit like Cthulhu in some respects :)

David Myers said...

Perhaps I'm being a bit misleading, the drumbeat hasn't been added but just turned up a bit, whatever I always liked it as I heard this before the longer version. Actually a few people have uploaded it to YT