27 August 2011

Space Invaded

A sort of sister lp to BBC Records and Tapes' Space Themes, sharing a couple of tracks and  more sleeve notes from Mat Irvine. This album features one of the all time greatest sig tunes of all time - Tomorrow's World by Richard Denton and Martin Cook. Plenty of other good stuff too.

mmmm... brain planet


Aggressive Rhubarb said...

Zarquon - how did I ever miss this? Thank you! I got the earlier BBC Space Themes album, but never knew about this one. (Mind you, I do have most of the tracks...)

I don't suppose you have the album which compiles all the Denton & Cook themes, like The Great Egg Race, etc? Cheers!

Mr. Primate said...

Not yet, but I'm looking. I have some of the tracks on other releases though.

Aggressive Rhubarb said...

Cool. If I come across a copy I'll let you know!