14 September 2011

A New Hope

BBC Radio 1 feature Skywalker 1997 - broadcast during the 20th anniversary hype building up to the original Star Wars CGI re-tinkerings. From a time when the prospect of episodes I-III had yet to fill the Internet with fear, anger, hate and the other thing. From a time when George Lucas had barely begun to troll his own back catalogue. 

The show is made up of interviews with cast & crew, just about everybody apart from Carrie Fisher and particularly worth hearing for the bits on sound design, Harrison Ford/Mark Hamill on dialogue, Irvin Kershner on The Empire Strikes Back and for how they (George Lucas and Rick McCallum) envisaged the prequels would pan out.

This is an old off-air recording, although I've done my best to clean it up, there is some static occasionally.


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Muff Diver said...

It's going on 15 years since this interview, and these interviews serve as a kind of time capsule into the minds and moods of the artists, and the period in general.

Pop history is often dismissed, but sometimes there are some events or cultural icons that are noteworthy.

I'm glad the internet has you, diligently working away.

Thank you, Mr Primate, for your care in archiving both the new and old.