26 September 2011

"Voodoo Lady"

Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson out of off of The League Of Gentlemen visit Mary Anne Hobbs' Breezeblock show in 2000AD, talking about and listening to some of their favourite records, including the original Crème Brûlée hit Voodoo Lady.

01. Interview: "As it's Valentine's day ..." 
02. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang soundtrack - Toot Sweets
03. Interview: "A very big house with 100 women in it" 
04. Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Die Dressiere Fran (Title Theme)
05. Interview: "It's quite frightening ..." 
06. The Wicker Man soundtrack - Maypole Song 
07. Interview: "What IS that butcher selling?" 
08. Rudolph Rocker (aka Crème Brûlée) - Voodoo Lady
09. Interview 
10. The Divine Comedy - The Certainty Of Chance 
11. Asian Dub Foundation - Real Great Britain

More League Of Gentlemen type things come soon Dave.

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