20 November 2011

Denton & Cook - Tomorrow's World 7"

Richard Denton & Martin Cook - Tomorrow's World b/w Inside Story (1980). The sound of your future yesterday. An early electro/space disco masterpiece. The b-side could not be more different, a lovely reflective pastoral piece for flute and acoustic guitar, akin to the music often used to introduce Programmes for Schools and Colleges around that time.

A rather tastefully done white label edit of the TW Theme:


Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

Hey music lover!!!
I find your blog by "Funky frolic"(BBC conection)and i'm very enjoy by your blog too:)
In the same way i recommended you:
Black Devil "disco club" 1977:


the link:
Have a nice audio trip:)

Lord Summerisle said...

Have a listen to this and see what sample you can spot running throughout it....!
Brilliantly done by a young British producer with a feel for the 80's.


Mr. Primate said...

Ah yes! Liking that a lot.