29 November 2011

Stereo Test Record mix

This superb mix comes from 2007 (I assume) but is new to me and comes courtesy of The Horse Drawn Zeppelin. I know nothing of God's Boyfriend and Go Away Records seems to have gone away for good, but they left this sonic gem behind for us all to enjoy. I'm not going to list all the 150 odd tracks included in this mix, instead, please peruse the image below:

"STEREO TEST RECORD provides a means for the demanding listener to check audio reproduction equipment without the need for expensive and complicated instruments. The sounds on this record are the final products of years of research and development of stereophonic recording techniques by 73 artists contributing over 150 compositions. 

# Test your stereo band levels with John Carpenter
# Check the channel orientation with Giorgio Moroder and BBC Radiophonic Workshop alumni
# Perform a phasing test with Eddie Warner, Klaus Schulze and Alan Hawkshaw 
# Envelope yourself in the sound of Raymond Scott's newly designed and manufactured electronic music devices and systems

All of the tests within are inter-dependent, and it is therefore suggested that it be played through once completely before attempting to interpret the results which may be obtained from it. 

This record is sponsored by Dübreq, makers of the Stylophone, a revolution in electronic music performance, introduced here by Rolf Harris.

These DYNAMIC DIRECTIONAL STEREO recordings are capable of bringing to you the most realistic width and depth plus the altogether thrilling addition of the actual movement of musical sounds in space - DIRECTIONAL STEREO EFFECTS.

Please download responsibly.


Mr. Craig said...

Oh my, oh my yes! Can't wait to hear this! Loving your work.

configuratao said...

...just following mista craig!!!
this workshop is amazing, beautiful, as your blog, very interresting & nice
thank you & cheers

(-going to listen Out Of This World,

Mr. Primate said...

My pleasure chaps. Enjoy!