2 May 2012

Studio 2 Stereo

Two classic "Sound Gallery" lps by library legends Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Fahey. Not much else to say other than this seems to be quite the rare and sought after double CD set these days.

Best listened to on the hi-fi with friends, Martini and lemonades all round. Ice and a slice? Cheers and good health!

Alan Hawkshaw – 27 Top T.V. Themes & Commercials:
01 The Ironside Theme/Theme From The Persuaders/Main Theme From The Saint
02 The Right One - Martini/Come Into The Warm - Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate/A Matter Of Pride - Blue Band
03 Theme From Cade's County/The Virginian Theme
04 The Night Rider - Cadbury's Milk Tray
05 Theme From The W.Somerset Maugham TV Series/Theme From Upstairs Downstairs (The Edwardians)
06 Bird's Eye Country
07 Yes I Understand - Esso
08 The Odd Couple
09 Theme From The Baron/Man In A Suitcase/Theme From Z Cars
10 Faraway Music - Heinz Spaghetti/The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair - Sunsilk/Crossroads
11 I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)/Poppochoc - Milky Way/ It's All At The Co-Op Now
12 Blarney's Stoned From The Dave Allen Show/By George! - It's The David Frost Theme/Braden's Beat
13 Theme From Shaft

Brian Fahey And His Orchestra – Time For TV:
01 Theme From "The Power Game"
02 Main Theme From "The Saint"
03 Batman Theme
04 At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal
05 High Wire (Theme From "Danger Man")
06 The Rat Catchers
07 Thunderbirds
08 The Avengers
09 Seaway
10 Inspector Rose Theme From "Mr. Rose"
11 The Clanger
12 Theme From "The Baron"
13 Theme From "The Man From The U.N.C.L.E."
14 The Troubleshooters


Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing. thank you!

Mr. Primate said...

You're welcome!

The Macs said...

Finally got a chance to give this a listen; great music, thanks!