15 May 2012

Super Space Detective Captain Zep

Theme From The BBC TV Series Captain Zep - Space Detective by The Spacewalkers (1983). I have no recollection of watching this at all, guess there must have been something better on "the other side".

Captain Zep looks like it was a pretty awful show but it's a great pop theme tune all the same. Side B "A Race Against Time" very much sounds like an instrumental by Rush or Marillion if they were on a tight budget. Fans of anal retentiveness may also be pleased to note that I have added a bonus 'side C', being "Zep One Interior" by Dick Mills as taken from BBC Essential Hi Tech Sound Effects

The Spacewalkers (Paul Aitken and David Owen Smith) also made music for other BBC children's favourites Take Hart, Hartbeat with Tony Hart and Knowhow with Johnny Ball, under their own publishing company Catslick Music.

Whilst throwing this post together I was both surprised and extremely pleased to discover that two albums by Paul Aitken and David Owen Smith (The Catslick Gallery 1 & 2), featuring music taken from both of the Tony Hart shows, are currently available as legit downloads from all the usual legit mp3 vendors. If you've enjoyed the music of Richard Denton and Martin Cook I've already posted on Ripping Yarns, or if your simply after more "Programmes For Schools and Colleges" nostalgia, I highly recommend searching them out and giving them a listen.

Captain Zep patronising two dimensional aliens with ropey accents, earlier.


Aggressive Rhubarb said...

I didn't know about those gallery downloads - cheers again, Mr P!

Captain Zep was indeed a bad show. I mainly watched it for the theme and in the vain hope that "maybe this week it will be good..." ...and it never was.

I've got that theme on a BBC Children's Themes album, but never heard the b-side before. Ta muchly!

Mr. Primate said...


It's funny, dipping into the Catslick albums over the last few days has brought on an overwhelming urge to glue pasta shapes to a sheet of sugar paper and then cover it in glitter.

Can't think why..?