24 March 2014

Big Shot

Mr. Stanshall, earlier.

Big Shot: A Trip Through the Canyons of Viv Stanshall's Mind. Stephen Fry presents a tribute to the extraordinary talents of Vivian StanshallThis documentary first broadcast on Radio 2 in 2001, five years after Viv was found dead in his burnt-out London flat aged only 52.

I've just been listening again to Vivian Stanshall - English as Tuppence. It's quite, quite, brilliant and shall only be available for few more days, because of swarms of killer bees or something, so don't miss it. Expect more Bonzo related rarities around these parts shortly.


ximeremix said...

Oh Mr. Primate, such wonderful musings from Master Fry. A wonderful programme. As is English as Tuppence. Didn't even know that had been on. It meant an evening without TV last night. Not a bad thing. CWZ

Edfray said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Almost missed it.