18 March 2014


I must truly have been spending my time living under a rock* recently because I almost missed out on this. See you in Brum? I'll be the one in the top hat and simian demeanour, trying to get Paddy Kingsland to sign his copy of Fourth Dimension.

And you'll probably want to check out Into The Music: That Doctor Who Sound courtesy of ABC Radio National.

Also whilst we're at it, you'll be wanting a copy of the Wed, 5th March edition of the Radio on Music podcast download. It was "Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire", a cracking Archive Hour I did intend to post on this blog, but now you can get it direct from the horse's mouth.

Coming up, I'm pleased to announce that I've just got my paws on a copy of Listen Move & Dance No.4. Ripping times ahead!

Oh, and this this is rather lovely too.

*Such a lovely rock though...


Aggressive Rhubarb said...

Birmingham Show cancelled, as Dick Mills has been taken ill!


Mr. Primate said...

Yeah I know. Gutted. Hope they can reschedule soon.

Get well soon Mr Mills!

Mr. Primate said...

I've just been told the Brum gig has been rescheduled for October, so that's something to look forward to.